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Pollution Cost Evaluation Model Based on Entropy Weight Method

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.128


Likai Wei, Junyin Pi, Zhanyu Zhao, Yuliang Zhao

Corresponding Author

Likai Wei


We assume that small-scale land use projects are not have a huge impact on the original ecosystem, and the value of local ecosystem services remains basi-cally not changed, while large-scale land use projects include both.First, in order to calculate the cost of pollution caused by specific projects, based on the classification method of The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA), we introduce six kinds of pollution as our research target and calculate the pollution cost by our model of Pollution Cost of Project(MPCP). Furthermore, using entropy weight method(EWM), we propose an index of cost-effective to judge whether this project is cost-effective. Second, in order to calculate the cost of changes in ecosystem services, we introduce nine kinds of ecosystem service and six kinds of ecosystem as our re-search target. Moreover, according to Constanza and Xie Gaodi’s research, we use value equivalents method to estimate the value of different ecosystem by our model of cost of ecosystem services changes(CESC). Then, the cost of large-scale project can also be obtained.


Value equivalent, land use projects, Ecosystem services, EWM