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Research on Optimal Diversion of Urban Road Traffic in Luoyang under Subway Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.116


Lanlan Ling, Huanxia Zhao, Kuankuan Zheng, and Yufei Wang

Corresponding Author

Huanxia Zhao


The construction of urban rail transit affects the road traffic and interferes with the normal traffic flow. Therefore, traffic diversion must be adopted to eliminate the impact of rail transit construction. Based on Wardrop user’s equilibrium principle, in this paper, we use MTC curve to establish a congestion speed model according to the characteristics of large traffic volume and high road network density in the city. Taking Luoyang Rail Transit Line 2 as an example, two common diversion schemes and models are given, namely, two schemes of completely closing and closing part of the road sections. Based on the principle of the shortest total travel time after diversion, the traffic distribution of the two routes is calculated under the second scheme, so as to achieve reasonable optimization.


Road capacity, Traffic diversion, Plugging velocity model, Wordrop user’s equilibrium principle