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Research on Design and Development of High Quality Animation IP

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.113


Wang Jianli

Corresponding Author

Wang Jianli


for studying the design and development of high quality anime IP, this article will analyze the definition and types of anime IP, and explains its development present situation, the industry chain structure and related design direction, understand the high quality animation design and development of IP method, through the analysis, design and development of the current high quality anime IP, should attach great importance to the interest of user community orientation, through a variety of ways to work again, to be able to make the IP widely recognised, forming quality of IP. Through this research, the design and development of high-quality animation IP, it is difficult to achieve, how to get the masses of recognition and love, is the key to the formation of high-quality IP, so in the follow-up work, to abide by this principle, focus on the group interest orientation analysis, to provide a basis for the design and development work.


High-quality Animation IP, Otaku Based on mode