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Application of 3D Digital Modeling and Virtual Simulation Technology in Ancient Architecture

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.112


Wu Lei

Corresponding Author

Wu Lei


In order to understand the application of three-dimensional digital modeling and virtual simulation technology in ancient buildings, this paper will carry out relevant analysis. Firstly, the Chinese ancient buildings and the "Construction Formula" are analyzed. Then, the three-dimensional parameter modeling method is elaborated. Finally, the application of the model is deepened through virtual simulation technology, and verified by a case. The results show that three-dimensional digital modeling can form a scaled stereo model according to the parameters of ancient buildings. The model has complete structure, perfect details, clear boundary, and can visually see the various components of ancient buildings. Combining with virtual simulation technology, the model can be restored. Both of them have high application. Value. As a representative form of Chinese traditional culture, ancient buildings have been gradually damaged and reduced under the erosion of the historical river. For the purpose of cultural inheritance and protection, we should complete the restoration of damaged ancient buildings. To achieve this, we should adopt three-dimensional digital modeling technology and virtual simulation technology. You can get tremendous help. Through three-dimensional digital modeling and virtual simulation technology, the ancient building model can be displayed perfectly.


Three-dimensional digitalization, virtual simulation technology, ancient architecture