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The Transformation of 3D Scanning Technology and Sculpture Art

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.111


Muheyati Jiahai

Corresponding Author

Muheyati Jiahai


Digital sculpture is a complete set of sculpture making process formed on the basis of traditional sculpture. With the emergence of VR technology, it makes three-dimensional sculpture creation into a new stage. A way of sculpture creation in the virtual space enters into our sight. The transition from handmade to computer screen to real three-dimensional space marks the arrival of the era of digital sculpture. Sculpture in the future will usher in a new means of creation, a new display window, and the application of sculpture will continue to expand. In this paper it mainly introduces 3d scanning technology and its application and reflects on the future development of 3d digital technology and sculpture art.


Digital sculpture, traditional sculpture, 3d scanning technology