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Oil painting Effect Simulation Based on Contour Extraction Gradient Sharpening Technique

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.110


Tianzuo Zhang

Corresponding Author

Tianzuo Zhang


Non-photorealistic rendering of computer graphics is one of the most active research topic, it is not like realistic graphics that pursue just like a picture’s reality, but hope that it can highlight the image to express information through ignore some of the unimportant details, or to generate the image with artistic effect. In the study of non-photorealistic rendering technology, this paper proposes a contour extraction method based on gradient sharpening when extracting contour lines of images. The algorithm first sharpens the gradient of images, and then performs phase inversion and color removal to obtain the contour information of images.


Non-photorealistic, contour extraction method, gradient sharpening