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Data Security Isolation Methods and Practices Based on Different Cloud Environments

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.108


Yu Cong, Wang Tingting, Wen Lei, Gao Ruohan, Li Yan

Corresponding Author

Yu Cong


Since co-residency virtual machines in a cloud environment share the physical resources, making some malicious users stealthily obtain others' private information through detecting and analyzing the physical resources, which brings the potential threat of the Side-Channel-Attacks and challenged the isolation among co-residency virtual machines in a cloud environment. In view of this, this paper researches the virtual machine security isolation mechanism in cloud environment. In order to build a reliable cloud environment security system and solve the trust and data security problems of cloud environment, a cloud environment isolation mechanism based on trusted computing architecture is proposed and implemented. Combined with the mechanism of cloud environment itself, a research scheme is proposed from the isolation of network architecture. The validity of related models and schemes is verified by experiments and process analysis respectively.


Cloud environment, trust, data security