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Studty on Event and Energy Aware Node Disjoint Multipath Routing Algorithm in WMSNs

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.106


Yongqiang He

Corresponding Author

Yongqiang He


Multipath routing in WMSNs has irreplaceable advantages, establishing multiple communication paths between nodes can improve network adaptability and load balance. This paper presents event and energy aware node disjoint multipath routing algorithm, and constructes a multi-path decision-making model, and detailedly describes the whole process of building algorithm through multipath routing establishment strategy, neighbor nodes discovering, intermediate node forwards RREQt message, intermediate node forwards RREPt message, multipath decision making, Routing maintenance. The effectiveness and superiority of the algorithm are verified by simulation.


Event, energy aware, node disjoint multipath, WMSN