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Design of data collector based on wireless sensor network

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.104


Xiao Meng, Lanyue Li, Lingyu Chen, Tao Yang, Xu Chen, Zhibin Hao

Corresponding Author

Zhibin Hao


According to the application characteristics of wireless sensor network in the field of forest environment monitoring, a low-power data collector is designed in this paper. The data collector is the expansion of the sensor node. An LT1086CM-3.3 is used to provide sTable 3.3V power for the system. Environmental parameters, such as temperature and humidity, are collected by the temperature and humidity sensor, SHT11. An Analog-to-Digital Converter, MAX146, provides a low-power, 8-channel, serial 12-bit ADC interface. Different excitation sources are provided by MIC5219-2.5BM5, MIC5219-3.3BM5 and MIC5219BM5. The excitation sources have the ability to provide power source for external sensors. Besides, they can be controlled by software to enter ENABLE mode or SHUTDOWN mode. This ability greatly reduces the power consumption of sensor nodes, further improving the wireless sensor networks for forest environment monitoring.


Wireless sensor networks, forest environmental monitoring, data collector, low-power consumption