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Exploration for Animation Talent Cultivation Pattern Based on School-Enterprise Cooperative Cultivation Platform --By Example of SCISE Game Department and Guangzhou Manyou Computer Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Cooperative Cultivation Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.097


Chuanxia Wang, Xiaohua Hao

Corresponding Author

Chuanxia Wang


At present, animation talent cultivation is encountering many bottlenecks, such as animation talent cultivation not geared to market and imbalance between supply and demand. Practical exploration for school-enterprise cultivation platform is taken as example in this paper to illustrate construction of school-enterprise cooperative cultivation platform and put forward a view that school-enterprise cooperative cultivation platform is the only way of cultivation of professional and applied animation talents by student internship geared to major, project skill contest, business mentor system, internship and entrepreneurship support and other mechanisms.


Cooperative Education, School-Enterprise Cooperation, Business Mentor, Animation Design, Talent Cultivation.