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Research on Design Model Optimization of Mooring System in Near-Shallow Sea Observation Network

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.102


Yuhua Su, Wei Jiang

Corresponding Author

Yuhua Su


This paper uses the relevant data provided by the 2016 National Undergraduate Mathematical Modeling Contest and establishes relevant models to optimize the mooring system under specific sea conditions. Firstly, the force analysis of each part of the mooring system and the mooring system is carried out to obtain the force balance equation. Secondly, the model is established by taking the draft depth of the buoy, the maximum swimming radius and the inclination of the steel drum as the objective function. Iteratively solves the coordinates of each node, the inclination angle of the steel barrel, the angle between the chain and the seabed, and obtains the optimal state that the mooring system can operate well. Finally, the model is verified by Mathematica software and the anchor chain is traced.


Mooring System, Planning Model, Constraint, Objective Function, Recursive Sequence