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Research on Route Sequence Mining Algorithms for Logistics Data Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.101


He Liang

Corresponding Author

He Liang


The application of information technology in logistics system makes the scale of logistics data increase rapidly and the flow of data increase, which makes it more difficult for enterprises to analyze and process data and make decisions based on it. Data mining technology can effectively improve the business ability of enterprises, enhance their service ability and market competitiveness. In order to improve the efficiency of path planning in logistics system, this paper proposes a new data mining path planning algorithm, which can effectively reduce the number of database scans, generate excessive candidate path sequences, and reduce the time cost of generating frequent path sequences. This method can also be applied to the generation of frequent path sequences in network access, customer purchase and other situations.


Logistics Transportation, Data Analysis, Path Planning, Data Mining