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Study on the Ways of Cultivating Information Design Consciousness in Visual Communication Design Education

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.096


Chen Jia

Corresponding Author

Chen Jia


Visual communication design education habits and traditional professional self-positioning, in the new technical environment and practice platform environment, faced with the challenge of adaptability, while the new concept of education and professional ideas put forward, so that visual communication design itself challenges in the professional knowledge system. Visual communication design education perspective should be maintained in the traditional visual expression as the main design expression at the same time, give full consideration to the design of art disciplines of knowledge cross characteristics, the design object from the visual art of perception education, widening for the realization of the purpose of the design : through the visual expression and transmission design to achieve effective energy dissemination, in the professional education to educate students to convey the consciousness of information design awareness, so that students realize that the effective transmission of information is the visual design of the pursuit of the goal.


Visual Communication Design, Art Education, Design Consciousness.