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The Demand Response Potential in Electricity System

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.093


Tian Yingjie, Guo Naiwang

Corresponding Author

Tian Yingjie


With the increasing scale of new energy access grid and the continuous construction of smart grid, the demand for demand-side response and flexible dispatching conditions are becoming more and more urgent and mature. As a demand-side resource, demand response has the characteristics of economy and flexibility. As one of the key technologies, demand response plays an increasingly important role in maintaining the economic, reliable and efficient operation of power system. Demand response is one of the core technologies of smart grid. It can not only serve as a low-cost capacity resource for scheduling when the power system is facing an emergency, but also affect the pricing of the electricity market. It plays a role in reducing electricity price fluctuations and curbing market power. When the active power shortage occurs in the power system, the power system frequency will decrease. If the demand side and the power generation side cannot be treated equally, it is impossible to form a truly benign power market.


Demand Response, Power System, Efficient Operation