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Establishment and Application of Technical Evaluation Model for Automotive Parts Remanufacturing

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.092


Bai Hai

Corresponding Author

Bai Hai


With the development of science and technology, mankind has created a lot of material wealth. But at the same time, we consume a lot of natural resources and pollute the ecological environment on which we live. Under the new situation, especially under the premise of sustainable development, green manufacturing and circular economy have emerged as the times require for manufacturing industry. Automotive parts remanufacturing technology refers to the technology of turning automobile waste parts into new parts through technical treatment. Unlike traditional repairs, remanufacturing is for remanufactured engineering based on performance and remaining life assessments for used parts. Technicality plays a pivotal role in the overall evaluation system, and only if it is technically feasible can the next step be carried out. This paper discusses the re-manufacturing technology and related quality control technology by expounding the significance and characteristics of auto parts remanufacturing technology.


Remanufacturing Technology, Automotive Parts, Evaluation System