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Groundwater Quality Evaluation Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Optimization Model

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.091


Zhao Xueqiong, Li Hongjun, Ding Fengfeng

Corresponding Author

Zhao Xueqiong


For the existing domestic water resources, underground water resources are a very important component. In recent years, with the continuous use of water resources, the use of groundwater resources has been paid more attention. As a result, environmental problems arising from the development and utilization of low-level water resources have also occurred, and the environment and other related factors have become important factors for the protection of groundwater resources. We often say that the evaluation of water environment quality is to inspect the water resources to be evaluated from the perspective of stereotypes or quantification. Whether groundwater resources are polluted or not can be determined by various means. However, the evaluation method based on fuzzy comprehensive optimization model described in this paper can intuitively show the quality of groundwater resources and the degree of pollution.


Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Optimization Model, Groundwater Quality Evaluation, Evaluation Method