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Study on the Development Mechanism of Student Associations in Private Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.095


Kexin Zhang

Corresponding Author

Kexin Zhang


Under the guidance of the leaders of university party committees and college organizations, undergraduates' college associations are founded on the common interests, hobbies, specialties, common goals and aspirations of the undergraduates, and the consent of the relevant departments of the school and through certain procedures student groups. The building of university student associations play an important role in cultivating the comprehensive abilities of college students, promoting the construction of campus culture and broadening the platform of ideological and political education. Nowadays, the development of collegiate societies in colleges and universities has entered a new era. The diversification of societies, the diversification of corporate culture, and the widening gap between the development prospects of different types of societies are deepening. There are some common problems in the construction of student associations in private colleges and universities, and these problems must be solved in an effective way so that the building of social organizations can develop smoothly.


Development Mechanism, Student Associations, Private Colleges.