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Research on Computer Network Security and Firewall Technology Based on Large Data Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.083


Yongtao Xuan

Corresponding Author

Yongtao Xuan


With the development of information technology, the popularity of computers has become more and more extensive. Computer network is commonly used in all fields of people's production and life, and people have entered the information age of big data. Big data gives new application value to information. It also requires further construction of security protection system to ensure computer information security. Under the trend of big data, many important information is stored in virtual cloud space. In order to ensure the security of data on the force network, it is necessary to further innovate relevant security technologies to minimize risks. In a networked environment, the security of the network environment is the basis for ensuring the safe use of the Internet in all areas. In the field of network information security, firewall technology is an important core technology and has received widespread attention. The application of firewall technology has a positive effect on computer network information security.


Computer Network, Big Data, Firewall