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Research on Application of Data Encryption Technology in Computer Network Security Based on Multivariate Large Data Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.081


Jinyong Liu

Corresponding Author

Jinyong Liu


Computer network application has become one of the main platforms for enterprises and individuals to process information and data. In the Internet database, users can establish private and exclusive network storage space to save personal files and information. Although the era of big data adds luster to people's life and work, the problem of network security also comes quietly. Data utilization technology has made a breakthrough change, and network security issues have naturally become the focus of attention. Failure of the network security system will not only cause the computer system to be paralyzed, but also affect the normal operation of the entire system. This paper deeply studies data encryption technology to ensure the security and effectiveness of network information. The data encryption technology has been systematically sorted out, in order to bring new ways to the development of computer network information security management.


Network Security, Data Encryption, Internet