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Analysis of the Relation between Athletes' Physical Ability and Technical and Tactical Play Based on Data Mining

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.080


Zhang Junxiong

Corresponding Author

Zhang Junxiong


Data mining is the process of extracting valuable knowledge from a large amount of data by machine learning. Therefore, based on data mining, the author analyzed the relationship between athletes' physical fitness and technical and tactical play. This paper studies the application of data mining in the exertion of athletes' physical fitness and skills and tactics. The research shows that the comprehensive evaluation of athletes based on physical fitness data is transformed into classification problem, and the hierarchical network based on data mining is designed to effectively solve the evaluation of athletes' physical fitness status. In addition, the author believes that data mining should give full play to its potential value in game technical and tactical analysis, national physique monitoring, and sports monitoring data. There is still much research work to be carried out.


Data Mining, Athlete Physical Fitness, Technical Tactics