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Realization of the Integration of Database System and Web in Information System

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.076


Zhao Fei

Corresponding Author

Zhao Fei


The integration of DBMS and Web is realized by components. The architecture of DMWAS is proposed from the point of view of logic. This paper studies how to realize the integration of database system and Web in information system. With the rapid development of Inetlnet, the network has rapidly become an important means of information dissemination and exchange, especially on the web, with its rich data sources. Research shows that the module uses a connection-oriented, single-link, non-blocking communication method, always running in the background in the form of threads, listening to messages from the server, greatly improving the reliability and efficiency of network communication. The component model makes the integrated system scalable, good compatibility, and effectively reduces the load on the server when the number of users increases dramatically, so the system has high reliability and maintainability.


Information System, Database System, Wed