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Design of Automatic Pushing System for Library Borrowing and Returning Information in University Library

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.075


Zhao Chong, Wang Lida

Corresponding Author

Zhao Chong


In the process of digital library construction, users will face the ocean of digital information resources. Moreover, university library has abundant collection resources, strong specialty, numerous teachers and students, and a large amount of borrowing. How to make better use of the Internet without geographical restriction, humanistic restriction and time restriction for university library management has become the primary development goal of each university for library management. Therefore, the author studies the design of the automatic transfer system for the library loan information in college libraries. The study found that at this stage, university libraries also need to vigorously improve the service system, develop an efficient library management information system, maximize resource sharing, and provide personalized services to readers. This is a key requirement for the continuous development of libraries.


University Library, Book Loan Information, Automatic Push System