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Study on the Energy Gap and Symmetric Energy Coefficient of Atomic Nucleus and Shell

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.072


QiRi MaiLaTu

Corresponding Author

QiRi MaiLaTu


As one of the basic properties of nuclei, nuclear mass (binding energy) has always been an important research topic in nuclear physics. For the calculation and preoccupation of unknown nuclear mass, more mass-related terms need to be explored through nuclear mass formula. The density dependence of nuclear symmetry energy is uncertain near the saturation density of nuclear matter. The relativistic mean field theory is used to describe the interaction between nuclei, and the influence of the symmetry energy of the nucleus on the density range, the lattice phase structure and the phase transition density of the nucleus of the neutron star is studied, and the possible correlations are explored. On the one hand, this paper studies the nuclear energy gap of the nucleus based on the WS4 nuclear mass model and another different Global quality model system. For unknown neutron-rich and overweight regions, the nuclear quality predicted by these different models varies widely.


Nucleus-Shell Gap, Nucleus Mass, Symmetric Energy Coefficient