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Research on Enterprise Financial Early Warning and Control System Based on Industry Environmental Risk Recognition

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.069


Liu Rong

Corresponding Author

Liu Rong


There is an objective inherent logical relationship between industry environmental risk and enterprise financial risk, and they complement each other. The continuous reform of market operation mechanism of power enterprises and the rapid development of knowledge economy have brought greater market competition pressure to power enterprises. At the same time, it also highlights the importance of human resources education and training in enterprises. In order to effectively control the financial affairs of enterprises and improve their development strength, we should establish a sound financial early warning and control mechanism to effectively identify the risks in the development of enterprises. Enterprises in the post-financial crisis face more external environmental risks, especially the existence of industrial environmental risks, which will directly induce the instability of financial factors in the corporate financial strategy. Under the identification of industry environmental risks, this paper studies how to construct a corporate financial early warning control system to achieve better development of the enterprise.


Industry Environmental Risk, Early Warning, Control, Enterprise Development