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Application Research of Kindergarten Hazard Source Identification in Intelligent Campus Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.067


Ke Liang

Corresponding Author

Ke Liang


Hazard identification and risk assessment are the foundation and important link in establishing an occupational health and safety management system. According to the role of hazard sources in the development of production accidents, the hazard sources are divided into two categories. The identification methods and precautions of hazard sources are briefly introduced, and the methods of risk assessment are discussed. Rich wild resources are a treasure of early childhood science. Teachers should make full use of these on-the-ground resources to provide rich operational materials for early childhood science activities and to stimulate children's strong interest in scientific practice activities. Teachers should also fully understand the value of scientific practice activities, guide young children to adapt to nature, and promote the harmonious development of children in all aspects. In view of the current situation of kindergarten school safety accidents, it is recommended to strengthen the safety awareness of faculty and staff, implement the "Safety Management List for Teaching Staff", improve the self-care ability of young children, prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, and propose corresponding treatment methods. T method.


Kindergarten, Safety Accident, Prevention, Treatment, Hazard Source Classification, Hazard Identification Method, Risk Assessment