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Research on Service Routing Optimization Method of OTN Technology in Power Communication Network

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.066


Gao Lipo, Kang Wei, Hao Junkui, Zhao Jianhua, Zhang Hongmei

Corresponding Author

Gao Lipo


With the rapid growth of the types and quantities of modern power communication networks, the reliable transmission of information has a tremendous impact on people's production activities and daily life. Based on this, the working principle and development status of optical transport network (OTN) technology are expounded. According to the typical structure and communication service characteristics of power communication network, the service routing optimization method for reliability of power communication network is studied based on OTN technology. Finally, the proposed OTN optimization method is used to optimize the service routing of a certain place. The optimization results verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the optimization method applied to the route optimization of power communication network.


Reliability, Optical Transport Network, Route Optimization