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Design of Computer Network and Maintenance Experiment System Based on VR

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.065


Fu Fancheng, Zhong Zhangsheng, Fu Chaying

Corresponding Author

Fu Fancheng


In recent years, virtual technology has attracted widespread attention. As a new technology, it is a computer-based technology to develop, imitate real life, build a three-dimensional experimental space, so that people can better experiment. In this paper, a computer network and maintenance experiment system based on VR is designed. The system allows students to make remote appointments in a network environment, conduct network experiments, and teachers can remotely set up, control experiments, and communicate online with students. And can be seen from this research, now virtual reality technology has been applied to teaching, as a new type of teaching media has a very big impact on the teaching process, especially the distance education has a profound impact.


VR, Computer Network, Maintenance Experiment System