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Research on Manufacturing Process Reengineering Based on Advanced Manufacturing Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.064


Duan Mingzhong

Corresponding Author

Duan Mingzhong


Manufacturing industry plays an important role in China's economic development. The wide application of advanced manufacturing technology promotes the development of manufacturing industry and improves the overall level of manufacturing enterprises. The expectation of the industry is very high, but it is difficult to achieve the expected goal in practical application. How to reengineer the production process under the environment of the increasingly popular advanced manufacturing technology is a problem worthy of in-depth study. Therefore, based on advanced manufacturing technology, the author conducts research on manufacturing process reengineering. The research finds that advanced manufacturing technology is more and more widely used in manufacturing enterprises, but the application effect is affected by many factors, and organizational structure is one of the important factors. In addition, production process reengineering is a systems engineering, and its successful implementation also requires the support of organizational change.


Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Manufacturing, Production Process