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Discussion on the Construction of Regional Education Data Network and Key Issues in the Big Data Era

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.063


Chen Ya, Tang Yujian

Corresponding Author

Tang Yujian


Big data had infinite potential in helping to solve many problems such as unbalanced development of regional education, monotonous mode of education and perceptual selection of schools. In the research and analysis, the educational data network was constructed, and the overall structure was carried out with the educational data center as the core link, following the four-step construction strategy: "setting standards, building platforms", "gathering data, grasping management", "gathering data, grasping teaching", "using data to promote change". Five key issues involved in the construction process were proposed, namely, the collection mechanism of educational data, the integration and sharing of educational data, the open operation of educational data, the security protection of educational data and the quality management of educational data. Finally, some suggestions were put forward for the construction and development of education data at the regional and school levels.


Regional Education Informatization, Intelligent Education, Big Data of Education, Educational Data Network