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Multimodal Medical Image Fusion Simulation Based on Matlab

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.057


Sun Rui

Corresponding Author

Sun Rui


Multimodal medical image registration and fusion technology is an important research content of medical image processing, which based on medical image registration. It overcomes the limitation of using a certain image alone, effectively reflects the medical image information of different modes on an image more intuitively, and provides abundant information such as human anatomy, physiology, pathology and so on. So provide more perfect image information for clinical diagnosis and treatment and improve the effectiveness and accuracy of diagnosis and treatment in order to facilitate clinical diagnosis and treatment. Multimedia medical image fusion is a new technology, which integrates medical image processing and medical image diagnosis. Its rapid development has a profound impact on the progress of medical imaging technology and clinical diagnosis and treatment. In this paper, several typical methods of multimedia medical image fusion used to carry out simulation experiments in Matlab environment, which provides a reference for professionals and non-professional followers in related fields.


Multimodal medical image fusion Matlab medical image processing Medical imaging