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Design of Service Control Subsystem of Cloud Computing Operation and Maintenance Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.055


Zhang Pengcheng

Corresponding Author

Zhang Pengcheng


Design and implement the service control subsystem of the cloud computing operation and maintenance platform to provide a reliable platform for users to operate and manage cloud services. The research content includes the design and implementation of the cloud computing operation platform and the user's interactive channel. Based on the analysis of relevant research status at home and abroad and related implementation technology research, the component-oriented bus platform architecture is determined. In this paper, we decided to use the active MQ messaging middleware, platform service control subsystem to build a distributed publish/subscribe control bus to control and schedule the various components in the platform. In front of the system, this article provides users with a Web client based on the Web2.0 concept, and implements the CLI (Line Interface Command) command line interface based on the Python scripting language. The Service Control Center is implemented through the REST-based Wink Apache component, which responds to requests from front-end users and controls the system to run and maintain the various components of the workbench through the control bus.


Cloud computing, PaaS, operation and maintenance platform, control bus, service control