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Research on Key Technologies of Heterogeneous Data Integration for Digital Campus

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.054


Fan Wei

Corresponding Author

Fan Wei


With the continuous improvement of information technology, the current information system has been applied in various fields. The same is true for colleges and universities. Through the construction of digital campus, multiple business systems can be integrated to provide students with better services. Especially when colleges and universities are welcoming newcomers, the integrated campus service construction can make students integrate into campus life more quickly, reduce the workload of teachers, and actively help the optimization of teaching. Based on this, this paper starts with the definition and advantages of digital campus, firstly explores the characteristics and methods of heterogeneous data integration, and then focuses on the key technologies of heterogeneous data integration for digital campus, hoping to give digital campus construction and differentiation Relevant research on the integration of the structure provides some reference.


Digital campus, heterogeneous data integration, key technologies