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Study on the ZrO2 Thin Films with Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.053


Tang Fanbin, Deng Guangqing, Lan Chunxiang, Qin Zhenpeng, Zhu Tianxia

Corresponding Author

Tang Fanbin


In order to get the optical properties of ZrO2 thin film, two samples deposited on K9 glass which produced by optical automatic vacuum coating machine were measured and analyzed with spectroscopic ellipsometry. For sample 1, both Cauchy model and Tauc-Lorentz model can be well described the properties of thin film. For sample 2, by dividing the film into three layers, got the smallest mean square error, and the thickness was closest to the calculated value of TFCalc film design software. Meanwhile, got the refractive index curve in the spectrum range from 380nm to 2250nm. The results has certain reference value to the preparation and design of ZrO2 multilayer films.


ZrO2 thin film, spectroscopic ellipsometry, optical properties