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Research on Omnidirectional Multi-angle Information Security Technology under Cloud Computing and Big Data Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.052


Tang Chao, Zuo Wentao

Corresponding Author

Tang Chao


At this stage, with the rapid development of China's economy and society, information technology has begun to integrate into people's production and daily life, and has gradually become an irreplaceable important technical means in people's production activities. Among them, the level of improvement of social development level by big data technology and cloud computing technology is very obvious. Through the application of cloud computing technology and the promotion under the big data environment, it can provide more convenient and convenient guarantee for people's life, enabling people to quickly complete the processing of matters and the inspection of information in the information environment. But in essence, big data is an open Internet environment. Cloud computing technology is also an important technology derived from the open Internet environment. Therefore, we need to focus on security issues in the application process. In this paper, the author will use the relevant theoretical knowledge to conduct a comprehensive analysis and research on the comprehensive multi-angle information security technology under cloud computing and big data environment.


Big data environment, cloud computing, information security technology, research