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Construction and Evolution of Animation IP Based on Short Video Social Application

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.048


Lin Liwen

Corresponding Author

Lin Liwen


The rise and popularity of short video social applications has become a phenomenal event in today's society. With the development of short video content on the new media platform, the animation IP has ushered in the 2.0 development era. The animation IP represented by “stiff fish”, “sprouting bear”, “Tiger Dart” and “Pig Fart” stands out, attracting the majority through unique character construction, theme presentation, narrative style and marketing techniques. The attention of the audience and the favor of the business. The construction of animation IP and the reasons for its evolution in short video social applications have important theoretical guidance and practical value for the development of the animation IP industry in the new media era.


Animation IP, short video social application, construction and evolution