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Aerial Disaster Relief Response System Research

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.047


Hongyang He, Zhenlin Chen

Corresponding Author

Hongyang He


In order to solve the problem of medical supply in the affected areas, we designed a disaster response system to provide medical package transportation and related route detection for five regions. To solve the first problem, we built two optimization models for 3D boxing. By considering the size of the medical package and cargo bay, the first model of the number of medical packages required in the affected area was established. Solve the distribution plan of medical package by MATLAB. Then, by considering the size of ISO containers and shipping containers and the number of cargo containers, a three-dimensional packing optimization model is established. Solve in MATLAB to determine the type and number of drones needed. This resulted in a complete disaster response system consisting of a drone fleet and a medical packag To solve the second problem, we use cluster analysis. First, the five disaster areas were classified into three categories to determine the three best cluster centers as the best locations for the three ISO containers. Then, the Euclidean distance was taken as the similarity between the two points, and the three optimal positions were obtained by K-means clustering algorithm as x6=(18.45,-66.40),x7=(18.40,-66.16),x8=(18.27,-68.84)Finally, according to the demand characteristics of the disaster area and the video reconnaissance capability of the drone, the corresponding ISO container was allocated.


Three-dimensional packing, Nonlinear optimization model, K-means clustering algorithm, 0-1 programming model, MATLAB