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Research on Diversified Training of Teaching Skills for English Normal Students in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.091


Zhuang Zhiqiang, Cai Lanlan

Corresponding Author

Cai Lanlan


In the new period, strengthening the training of English Normal Students' teaching skills is an important way to improve students' professional quality in higher normal education. At present, however, the skill training in China's normal colleges and universities meets with such problems as the lack of targeted and diversified training, so this paper attempts to take this as a starting point, in view of the problems existent in English teaching skills of students in normal universities during the new period, to propose a new comprehensive training model. This paper first expounds the connotation of teaching skills and elements, and then combined with the characteristics of English subject, puts forward the pattern orientated by the study of theories and the practice of teaching skills as well as supplemented with diversified and characteristic teaching activities, thus training effective teaching skills for English normal students from the perspective of diversified cultivation to lay a good foundation for future English teachers' successful employment and teaching.


English normal students, teaching skills, diversification, training.