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Research on the Integration of Theory and Practice Teaching Material of Information Technology under the Medical Background

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.090


Wang Fangzheng

Corresponding Author

Wang Fangzheng


Medical laboratory specialty mainly cultivate students by physics, chemistry, biology, computer, and biochemistry, immunology and so on various aspects of knowledge and lab operation technology to all kinds of test specimen, analysis on the human body, in order to obtain the relevant pathogens, pathological changes and human viscera function state information. So this major requires students' high ability of practical operation. At present, under the influence of the traditional teaching mode for a long time, most of the colleges and universities in our country theoretical knowledge and practical skills are not coherent, not cohesion. The author analyzed the real integration of teaching reform in the medical inspection technology professional manager in some of the problems and the accumulation of experience, hopes to provide some references for medical laboratory specialty teaching reform.


Medical test, manage real integration, teaching mode, discussion.