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Application of VR Technology in Cultural Heritage Dissemination: Design and Production of VR Documentary “Dunhuang”

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.031


Ping Li, Bohang Pan, Husheng Pan

Corresponding Author

Husheng Pan


As the on-site technical command, it is responsible for maintaining the stability and emergency response of the on-site base station signal. This paper considers and expounds the two important directions of project content architecture and VR interaction design, and explores the innovative and feasible application of virtual reality technology in the direction of cultural heritage. The content of the experience mainly focuses on the artistic creation of the mural paintings on the south wall of Cave 285 and the design considerations of Buddhist aesthetics. This project was selected for the 2017 Amsterdam Documentary Film Festival (IDFA).


Cultural heritage, virtual reality technology, interaction design