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Research on Spatial Distribution of Hefei Catering Business Based on Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.028


Zhongliang Huan

Corresponding Author

Zhongliang Huan


China's urban economy and science and technology are developing at a rapid pace. While changing people's lifestyles, it has also caused tremendous changes in the spatial organization within the city. The organization space of catering facilities is an important part of urban space. According to the statistics of China Internet Network Information Center, 78.9% of netizens will search for relevant commodity evaluation before purchasing goods. The evaluation module has formed a huge word-of-mouth database that can influence the decision of catering consumption, which affects the customer's purchasing behavior. Based on the central place theory, the spatial distribution of Hefei catering businesses are studied, using the crawler technology, obtain Meituan and Dianping on the data, and analyze the data. According to the results of data analysis, the rankings of business reputation are ranked. Therefore, it can effectively guide the adjustment and optimization of the layout of urban catering industry, and it also has certain practical guiding significance for the choice of consumers and the location of merchants.


Spatial Distribution, Network Information Technology, Regional, Evaluation, Research