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Solution to smart construction site mobility based on heterogeneous data integration

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.026


Li Donghui

Corresponding Author

Li Donghui


With the development of the times, China’s economy is developing fast, meanwhile, the current communication technology is developing rapidly as well. Our country has stepped into the era of information, and under the background of continuous development, our country still pays much attention to the development of building industry. Nowadays, the building industry in our country has presented a trend of rapid development, while various tool and management softwares are applied in specific construction process. With the continuous improvement of science and technology, engineering construction has become simpler, therefore, from perspective of current development situation, integrating various heterogeneous data and making full use of information technology have become the emphases in building industry. This paper takes smart construction site of Beijing Daxing International Airport as an example to introduce the solution to smart construction site mobility.


Heterogeneous data, smart construction site, mobility, solution