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Study on Soil Stabilizer in Road Base

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.024


Zhang Yuping

Corresponding Author

Zhang Yuping


In the treatment of roadbed and base course, the strength of cement, lime and fly ash solidified soil is slow to form, shrinkage is large, cracking is easy, water stability is poor, and softening is easy to occur. Soil solidifying agent is a kind of high-performance solidifying agent for improving soil. It has the advantages of fast solidifying speed, high relative strength, small shrinkage and no secondary fluidization of solidified soil. Therefore, this paper studies the soil curing agent in the road base. The traditional road stabilization technology and the soil curing agent technology were analyzed and compared. Studies have shown that soil curing agents can meet various indicators in road base design and are suiTable for road construction.


Road base, soil, curing agent