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Analysis on current situation and development of electromechanical control technology

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.016


Rui Wang

Corresponding Author

Rui Wang


Electromechanical control technology is the core technology of mechatronics, and the level of water products marks the development level of mechatronics. At present, in the application field of mechatronics, technicians usually use mechatronics control to meet the requirements of safe and sTable operation of Mechatronics system. In order to ensure the stability of the function of Mechatronics in all fields of society, create more wealth for society and promote the development of society and economy, it is necessary to make deep analysis and Research on the electromechanical control technology. This paper makes a detailed analysis and exposition of the current situation of electromechanical control technology and the basic requirements of electromechanical control technology, and looks forward to the future development direction of mechatronics control technology.


Mechanical and electrical control, current situation, development direction