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Analysis of Power System Security and Prevention Measures Based on Risk Internal Control

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.009


Tian Ke

Corresponding Author

Tian Ke


Safe and sTable power system is an important condition to ensure people's quality of life and safety of life. It promotes the modernization of China's economic construction to a great extent and maintains the social stability of China. The security and prevention measures of power grid are important guarantees for economic development and social stability. This paper briefly introduces the security problems of power system and the principles and classifications of current security evaluation of power system. Then, from the analysis of the internal factors and external factors that affect the safety of the power grid, combined with the current technology and management methods, the paper puts forward some preventive measures to strengthen the safety of the power system and prevent large power outage accidents in the power system. Power system is often interfered with by various factors during operation, which affects the safety of the system. It is necessary to strengthen the assessment of the safety of China's power system to ensure the safe and sTable operation of the power system.


Risk Internal Control, Power System, Safety, Preventive Measures