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Research on Condition-Based Maintenance Technology of Power Equipment Based on Information Fusion Fault Diagnosis Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.008


Wei Ya

Corresponding Author

Wei Ya


With the continuous expansion of the power system, the number of large substations is gradually increasing, and the reliability and technical level of electrical equipment in substations are also increasing. In order to improve the reliability of power supply and high-quality service, it is necessary for enterprises to change the original fixed mode of periodic maintenance and carry out equipment condition maintenance. However, the prerequisite for timely condition-based maintenance is the correct inspection method and discrimination basis for equipment health status. The application of condition-based maintenance technology for power equipment must be based on the overall monitoring of equipment. An accurate reliability model of equipment is established in order to realize on-line monitoring of equipment status and develop an expert system which can be better applied to equipment fault diagnosis.


Information Fusion, Fault Diagnosis, Power Equipment, Condition Based Maintenance