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Research on Medical Image Encryption Method Based on Uniform Scrambling and Chaotic Mapping Based on Swarm Intelligence

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.007


Kun Li, Jing Liu, Chunfeng Song

Corresponding Author

Kun Li


Medical images need to be encrypted in the process of storage and transmission because of the important issues such as privacy, in order to improve the quality of medical image encryption and ensure the speed of encryption. Based on swarm intelligence (swarm intelligence) algorithm, the medical image encryption methods of uniform scrambling and chaotic mapping are studied. A uniform scrambling method based on Arnold mapping is used, and a pseudo-random number is generated in combination with the logistic map to control the scrambling parameters, and the values of the pixel points are XORed to further encrypt the image. The experimental results show that the image encryption algorithm has a large key space, is sensitive to the initial conditions of the key, has a high degree of grayscale scrambling, and has fast encryption and decryption speed. It is suiTable for real-time encryption protection of digital image information on the Internet.


Swarm intelligence algorithm, uniform scrambling, chaotic mapping medicine, image encryption