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Analysis on the Risks and Precautions of Computer Accounting Information System

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.005


Yuejun Tu

Corresponding Author

Yuejun Tu


In today's society, with the continuous popularization and development of network technology, each enterprise has begun to build its own unique accounting information system. The pattern of the Internet era forces some traditional industries in the form of innovation. The accounting profession of traditional manual work of information storage and processing of way has gradually backward, accounting industry began to computer information of forward. With the gradual popularization of accounting computerization, accountants have gradually grasped the accounting computer system for information storage, data modification, and fund reconciliation. Facing the change of computerized accounting information system, the enterprise realized that the computer information processing brought high efficiency and fast benefit, and also the security problem of information technology. In order to prevent the potential risk of computer system, the enterprise must make corresponding measures, accounting information security.


Computer Accounting, Risk of Information Systems, Prevention