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Segmentation algorithm of Mouse brain Magnetic Resonance Microimaging based on 3D texture feature Simulation and brain Map

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2019.002


Sun Rui

Corresponding Author

Sun Rui


Automatic segmentation of mouse brain MRI images is a typical work used in medicine by computer technology. Mouse’s brain segmentation technology is of great significance for the study of brain diseases in human beings. With the deepening of brain science, brain science based on mouse magnetic resonance microscopic imaging (Magnetic Resonance Microscopy, MRM) has gradually become a hot research topic in this field. At present, the segmentation of MRM region of interest in mouse brain mainly depends on manual division, which is time-consuming and labor consuming. Automatic segmentation of mouse MRM brain image is important to automatic analysis of mouse MRM. It's of great significance. In this study, a 3D texture synthesis algorithm for MRM brain images based on mouse brain map is proposed, and the region of interest of mouse MRM segmented by this method. The results show that the algorithm can used for automatic segmentation of mouse brain MRM images.


Magnetic resonance microscopic imaging, Mouse brain, Three-dimensional texture simulation, Brain image segmentation