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Design on Mobile Learning System for English of Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Android

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.290


Han Song

Corresponding Author

Han Song


Mobile learning is a new type of learning mode, which has the characteristics of mobility, interactivity, sharing and individualized learning. Based on the idea of software engineering and the latest technology of mobile development, this paper provides solutions for the development of English mobile learning system in higher vocational colleges. The research content mainly includes four aspects: Firstly, a program open source integration technology framework consisting of Struts2, Spring and Hibernate frameworks is designed; Secondly, the functional framework composed of modules such as Learning Center, Resource Center, Examination Center, Communication Center, Notification forum and System management is designed; Thirdly, the client-server communication flow based on HttpClient is designed, and the method of class design is pointed out; Fourthly, the working process of mobile phone client and the client data storage method based on SQLite are designed. Based on the research results of this paper, a mobile learning system with better user experience and advanced technology can be produced.


Android, higher vocational colleges, English, mobile learning, system design, technical framework, system function