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Research on Complex System View Based on Social Cognition and Innovation of Psychological Health Education for Special Children

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DOI: 10.25236/icetem.2019.285


Ai Yingtong, Li Li, Zhou Bo, Chen Xiao, Gao Chunling

Corresponding Author

Gao Chunling


In recent years, due to various social factors, the number of special children continues to grow. There are many bright spots and hot research issues in the field of special education, which have stimulated the enthusiasm of the majority of special education workers and directly promoted the development of special education. Based on the complex system theory, this paper systematically, comprehensively and thoroughly discusses the mental health education of special children. China's special children's mental health education can be seen as an open and complex system. The engineering method suitable for complex systems is a comprehensive integration method from qualitative to quantitative, focusing on revealing the root causes and evolution of objective things. Based on the complex system view of social cognition, this paper puts forward the measures and methods for carrying out mental health education for special children on the basis of analyzing the main psychological problems of special children in China.


Special Children, Complex System, Mental Health, Social Cognition